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This is our own strict quality standard, which means all of the coffee we ship must meet these high quality standards and a tag is sewn on each bag verifying that only the highest quality coffee is shipped.

The parameters of this certification are to provide the client with the best and most consistent coffees from our farms, mills and joint ventures.

We achieve this by implementing quality check points along the whole supply chain. In Costa Rica we start at the nursery with coffee variety selection, harvesting only ripe fruit, monitoring the quality at the receiving stations and then again checking the quality at the mills. Once the fruit is processed into parchment we cup the drier load to make sure the coffee meets our quality standards.

Once the parchment has been milled and refined for export, samples are drawn and cupped again to make sure the quality excellent prior to loading the containers. There are twin samples drawn one for our Quality team Costa Rica and the second sent to our Vermont office to cup and grade before the shipment is loaded. Once the shipment arrives at the final destination, another sample drawn and sent to the Vermont office to be cupped and graded. We have our own quality control data base that each lot of coffee is recorded by our Quality control team worldwide. So we have the ability to trace quality of the coffee from mill to arrival. This is a little over kill but we are fanatical about the quality of our coffees.

The certification also involves our commitment to quality and improving the quality of life for producer partners.

We pay premiums to our producer partners to ensure only high quality fruit/parchment is received; this is the only way to ensure have high quality sustainable coffees.

While also producing and sourcing certified coffees, we own and operate Rainforest alliance certified farms and mills which gives us access to high quality farm/mill direct certified coffees.

These quality certifications are not just standards but a culture of quality that begins at the farm and continues to the client.



We carry many Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees. Please view our current offering sheet or inquire about availability. To read more about our sustainability initiatives, click here.