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Beneficio Rio Tarrazu is widely regarded as the finest coffee mill in the world. This mill combines traditional and modern technologies with one aim—to produce the finest coffees in the world. The separation process is clean because it uses spring water. The mill itself is a world standard for sustainable coffee processing—using hydroelectric power generated on-site and a first-of-its-kind biomass furnace which recycles the by-product of the coffee fruit as a fuel for drying the coffee. This efficiency virtually eliminates the need for forest wood. Beneficio Rio Tarrazu plays an important role in the community, working with small producers to educate them on fruit standards—only ripe coffee cherries are accepted. Innovative practices include an on-site facility for preventative medical and dental care. In 1997, Beneficio del Rio Tarrazu was awarded the Bandera Blanca by the government of Costa Rica, in recognition for our contribution to ecologically sustainable coffee processing. In addition, the mill was honored by the President of Costa Rica for helping Costa Rican coffee farmers.